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Dewey’s Auto Body has taken a proactive stand in protecting the environment by going green with it’s paint refinishing system.  The collision center has switched to a low-VOC PPG waterborne basecoat from a conventional solvent-based system.

Our use of waterborne basecoat for refinishing vehicles has significantly reduced the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere.  This move further helps us to do our part to improve the quality of our air and contribute to an overall healthier work environment.

VOCs are chemical compounds commonly used in paint coatings and cleaning products.  When released into the atmosphere they help create smog and lead to ozone reduction.  When compared to a conventional solvent-based basecoat,  PPG Envirobase High Performance can reduce basecoat sourced VOC emissions up to 80%.

Waterborne basecoat is the latest coatings technology that is typically used by manufacturers to create the original color on today’s vehicles.  According to PPG, the introduction of its waterborne color toners for use in collision centers provides the enhanced ability to match a vehicle’s original finish.

This is a major technological advancement with no downside.  Not only is the paint better ecologically, it gives better color matches and it’s faster to complete a repair when compared to the system we were using.

At Dewey’s Auto Body we can paint just about anything.  Below are just a few examples of the many items we have painted.

Custom Motor Cycle 9

Coke Machine


Custom Bicycle